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Conscience is something, in a sense, apart from man. It has been put in him by God; it is a reminder of the voice of God within him, an inward monitor, and a man cannot really manipulate his conscience. He can go against it, but that is not manipulating it. It is possible, as this Apostle says again in writing to Timothy, for the conscience to be seared “with a hot iron”. But nevertheless it is true to say that the conscience is an independent witness.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones (God’s Sovereign Purpose)

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Recipe Round-up Reminder!



Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Help me get the word out!

The May Appetizers Recipe Round-up count down begins now! 

The date of the Round-up is this Wednesday, May 16.   Just post your recipe and send me the link in the comments on this post or at the email address in the sidebar.  Old posted recipes are welcome, too, as long as they fit the category.  If you want to ensure that your recipe gets included in the first draft of the round up, have your link into me by 8AM CDT May 16.  I’ll continue to update to add any links that come into me during that day.

Also, feel free to send links to recipes posted on other people’s blogs as well as your own.  If you have a good recipe that fits the category of appetizers, but you don’t have a blog, email it to me or leave it in the comment of this post and I’ll post it right here for you on the day of the round up.

Look for the complete collection of appetizer recipes to be posted  here by 8 PM on the 16th.

Karen, from Simply A Musing Blog, has offered to host June's Round-up.  I'll let Karen tell you what chose for her recipe category. 

UPDATE:  Karen has made a cute little button to go along with our Recipe Round-up!  Feel free to grab the image  or email me or Karen if you want the code!

Reader Comments (4)


My post is up for the appetizers!

I am pleased to announce that I will be hostessing DESSERTS in June!

So excited to see what everyone contributes!

May 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

Here's my recipe and what a cute button for the roundup!

May 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterLana G!

Sorry was so caught up by the cute button! Here's the post!


May 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterLana G!

My appetizer recipe is up, Kim! Thanks for hosting this month's roundup!


May 15, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterrosemary

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