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Conscience is something, in a sense, apart from man. It has been put in him by God; it is a reminder of the voice of God within him, an inward monitor, and a man cannot really manipulate his conscience. He can go against it, but that is not manipulating it. It is possible, as this Apostle says again in writing to Timothy, for the conscience to be seared “with a hot iron”. But nevertheless it is true to say that the conscience is an independent witness.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones (God’s Sovereign Purpose)

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God' Minute

January 30

Ask cousel, we pray thee, of God.--Judges 18:15

OUR Heavenly Father: Thou hast made us for Thyself. We are the tender objects of Thy solicitude and care; Thou art more thoughtful of us and ours than we ourselves are.

We are conscious of our weakness. Temptations assail us. Our lives are often in the shadows, and we are inclined from the right. Awaken in us, O Lord, a sincere desire for Thee, for Thy house, and for Thy welcome. Help us to feel that we can never satisy our souls until we satisfy them in Thee.

We feel deep within us the call ofGod to do our best. Do not permit us to rest in false security, in pleasant sins, or in popular falsehoods of whatever kinds. When we are satisfied with what we have done, show us the danger of losing our ideals of perfetion. And when the way seems hard, and the by-paths pleasant and enticing, give us Thy gracious help. Hear us, our Father, in the forgiveness of our sins. May Thy Kingdom come in power, that all men everywhere may know Thee as Lord and Master. May Thy will be done in our lives, and in the world, near and far, as it is in Heaven. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Bishop Lawrence H. Seager, D.D.,
Naperville, Illinois

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